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Android 18, also known as Lazuli, is a fictional character from the Dragon Ball manga series created by Akira Toriyama. She is the twin sister of Android 17 and the wife of Krillin. She is a former human turned into an android by Dr. Gero. Android 18 first appears in the series when she and her twin brother, Android 17, are activated by Dr. Gero in order to kill Goku. She is initially portrayed as a ruthless killer, but eventually becomes a more sympathetic character after she falls in love with Krillin and has a daughter with him, Marron.

Android 18 is a powerful fighter, possessing superhuman strength, speed, and durability. She is also a skilled martial artist, having trained under Master Roshi and Krillin. She is able to use ki-based attacks, such as the Kamehameha and the Destructo Disc. Android 18 is a major character in the Dragon Ball series, appearing in several arcs of the manga and anime. She is a major character in the Cell Saga, where she is forced to fight against her own brother, Android 17, in order to save the world from the evil Cell. She is also a major character in the Buu Saga, where she helps the Z Fighters in their battle against the evil Majin Buu.

Android 18 is a popular character among fans of the series, due to her strong personality and her loyalty to her family. She is also a popular cosplay choice, with many fans dressing up as her for conventions and other events. Android 18 is a powerful and important character in the Dragon Ball series, and her presence is felt throughout the series. She is a strong and independent woman who is willing to fight for what she believes in, and her loyalty to her family is admirable. She is a great example of a strong female character in the series, and her story is one that will continue to be remembered for years to come.

At the point when she is hitched to Krillin and residing at Kame House, she wears a light blue closed up denim vest, white pants, red circle studs alongside a red arm band on her left hand, and dark flip-flops. Her blue eyes had a somewhat hazier tinge than last time. Afterward, at the World Hand to hand fighting Competition and all through the Buu Adventure, she wears a dark shirt with white and dark striped long sleeves, Levis, an earthy colored belt, and dark pads with orange socks. It is observable that this outfit consolidates between her first outfit in quite a while Adventure and her third outfit in the Cell Adventure as the shirt, belt, and variety conspire is taken from her most memorable outfit, while the pants and pads are taken from her third outfit.

In Winged serpent Ball Z: Skirmish of Divine beings, her outfit On the planet Competition Adventure has a few minor changes. The shade of her dark shirt has been changed to dim indigo alongside the high contrast stripe sleeves being recolored to purple. Moreover, the shade of her pants has been changed to light blue and is marginally more limited while the shade of her band studs has been changed from red to silver.

Finally, the shade of her socks has been changed to white with the upper part done being moved up, and her dark pads has been changed to dim indigo and no longer contains the tie. She likewise wears a pearl neckband indistinguishable from the one she wore during the Phone curves, just it was inserted with a thunder pendant, she presently has blue-green eyes instead of her unique blue.

Toward the finish of Winged serpent Ball Z, she trims her hair more limited which looks like Bulma’s bowl-trim hairdo from the Majin Buu adventure and wears chic business clothing. Her outfit is a red sleeveless shirt, light yellow business pants, the pale gold band studs she had at first worn during the Androids and Cell circular segments, a similar gold wristband to her Hentai Gallery left side wrist which she had worn during the Phone bend, and earthy colored pads. She likewise wears the pearl jewelry that she recently wore during Defective Cell Adventure and the Phone Games.

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