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Kallen Stadtfeld is a fictitious person in the Dawn anime series Code Geass Lelouch of the Disobedience. In the series, she is lawfully known by Kallen Stadtfeld at school, however lean towards her mom’s lady last name, utilizing Kallen Kozuki during her progressive exercises.

Her voice entertainer Ami Koshimizu won Best Entertainer in a Supporting Job for her job as Kallen at the primary Seiyu Grants in 2007. Kallen was granted eighth spot in the 29th Anime Fantastic Prix, then, at that point, seventeenth and sixteenth, separately, in the accompanying two.

Kallen Stadtfeld Hentai is half Britannian, half Japanese, yet trusts herself to be a Japanese individual on a basic level and likes to be known by her mom’s birth name Kozuki. Her dad is Britannian and her mom is an Eleven her dad comes from an esteemed Britannian family, which Kallen benefits from. She goes to the Ashford Foundation, where she later turns into an individual from its understudy board and is perhaps of its most extraordinary understudy. Her sibling, Naoto Kozuki, with whom she had a profound association, was a previous head of her obstruction cell before his passing.

Both Kallen’s stepmother, a Britannian, and organic mother live with her in a similar house, however her natural mother is utilized as a servant and is many times abused by both her stepmother and Kallen herself. After her organic mother is captured for utilizing Refrain an imaginary medication which allows individuals to believe they’re remembering the past, Kallen changes her perspectives and chooses to battle against the Britannian Domain for her sibling, however to satisfy her new desire for a world wherein she can reside cheerfully with her natural mother.

Kallen has a twofold existence as an ordinary Britannian understudy and as an individual from a guerrilla obstruction bunch against Britannia, which is subsequently improved into the Request for the Dark Knights by Lelouch Vi Britannia. In school, she depicts herself as a frail bodied secondary school understudy who submits to the entirety of the customs, and goes by her Britannian name of Stadtfeld. Notwithstanding, her character changes into an exceptionally impressive willed and intense one when she goes about as an obstruction contender.

As a running gag, Kallen winds up bare or shamelessly wearing front of others on various events Lelouch sees her stripped after she unintentionally pulls back a shower shade in the third episode, Suzaku sees her washing under a cascade when they are abandoned on Kamine Island, she is compelled to dress in an improper rabbit outfit toward the beginning of the second season to establish a GPS beacon on Lelouch, and she strolls in on a gathering between Code Geass Hentai furthermore, the Chinese diplomats wearing just a towel while proposing to grumble about the past circumstance to C.C. asserting that the activity would’ve sped up if C.C. was wearing the outfit.

In a meeting detailed by the anime magazine Newtype USA, seiyu Ami Koshimizu discussed the trouble of voicing Kallen due to the twofold life that her personality leads. Certain parts of Kallen’s personality, for example, her juvenile naivete and seriousness made it simple for the voice entertainer to relate, even with the end result of conceding that somehow or another they act a lot of something similar.

Kallen shows up right off the bat in the primary episode, driving a truck with C.C’s. container, and afterward giving cover by battling Jeremiah in a Glasgow. After Lelouch acquires his Geass from C.C. he assumes command over a foe Sutherland and assists Kallen with getting away the hentai pics other Knightmare Edges pursuing her. He further coordinates the excess opposition powers in the fight, conceding them an unequivocal benefit until Suzaku Kururugi utilizes the Lancelot’s better frameworks than overpower their powers. She forfeits her own machine to permit Lelouch to get away, regardless of not knowing who he truly is.

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